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The main purpose of SIGNALL 2 is to utilise the experience, results, partnership alliances and the relationships built up with supporters and user groups established from SIGNALL 1 (hereafter referred to as SIGNALL). The overall aim is to develop a course on Perspectives on Deafness (POD) that is accredited, and where the accreditation leads to Credit transfer in Europe at participating third level educational establishments which will also promote mobility in education and the transparency of qualifications among member states. Subject areas that will be covered in the development of the course will focus on Deaf Culture, working with Deaf communities, socio-cultural versus medical perspectives on deafness and International perspectives on deafness. Experiential and evidencedbased material will illustrate experiences of deafness by using case studies and video materials.

The principal aim is that this course will be offered as a distance-learning programme with fully accessible course content in each partner country through the development of an e-learning platform specifically devised for this course. The course will also form part of the Diploma course at Trinity College Dublin where it will be piloted This will be part of the existing Diploma range of courses offered and the aim is that it will hold 10 European Credit Transfer System points, which allows for students across the EU to potentially take this course as part of their studies and be awarded credit for doing so. It also allows for other external students to take the course and accumulate ECTPs towards a diploma or degree in Deaf studies at Trinity College Dublin or other EU institutions that recognises ECTS, within the partnership and in the future in other member states.

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